Meet our Team



Matty has been with Hibiscus for 2 seasons now, sharing the stoke and living the dream! He studied Marine Biology in the UK and has carried on his passion for the ocean through the art of surf.
Bonus! He’s also got quite the green thumb! If you need someone to help in your garden, he’s the man!

Oh, by the way, did we mention that he shreds? Extra bonus!



Jess has been with the Hibiscus team since 2019 season. She helped out with quite a few of our Adaptive Surfing Days, always with a smile and plenty of stoke to share. She’s been teaching in the cold waters of Sumner Beach, Christchurch for the last few seasons and is stoked to be coming up to warmer waters and Mount vibes!

She’s our head instructor for our Wahine Wave program and has a huge passion for building a surf community for all to be involved! We’re lucky to have her on board. Be sure to say hello when you see her in the water!

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Gabe has been on the team since the beginning of 2021 summer. He’s got the gift of the gab(e) and always has plenty of stoke to share. If you’ve been there this summer, you’ve probably seen him with this exact smile and shaka! He loves a short board and wont touch a longboard. Jokes! We’ve seen it once.We’re lucky to have you Gabe!

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Chris has been in the mount longer than most can remember! If you’ve been to our Tay Street location over the last few years, you’ve seen him. He may have a few years on most of us but don’t let that fool you, he still rips! If your ever at Tay Street, give him a wave! And say hello while you’re at!

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Brady is the youngest member of our team. He’s started surfing with us during one of our Salty Sessions in 2020. Since then, his passion for surf has grown to what it is today. He’s become a great surfer and a great instructor. We’re super lucky to have him join the Hibiscus family!

Also, the only photo we have is him dressed up in a Elf suit. He doesn’t normally dress like this......

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Allessandro may have been born on a surfboard. We’ll never know. He is one of the most passionate instructors on the Hibiscus team and it shows with every lesson. He’s from Brazil but has been traveling the world in search of waves. We’re lucky he’s ended up here! If you see him in the water, say hello!

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Jimmy’s been part of the team since 2021. He’s been in the Mount for the last few years searching for waves whenever he gets the chance. You’ve probably had him as an instructor during our kids camp if you came along! Stoked to have you on the team mate!

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