Intermediate & Advanced


Advanced Private Surf Lesson

Who’s it’s for: Intermediate or advanced surfers age 10 and up
Times Available: To be scheduled based on conditions and your goals
Duration: 2 hours
Price: $160 (special rates available for multiple days)

Nothing beats personalized surf instruction with a professional coach. Suitable for those wanting to fast-track their surfing, or people who are feeling stuck with their progress and want to get their confidence back. Don’t worry, it’s common for surfers to feel like they’re not progressing sometimes! Our coaches have trained eyes to be able to see exactly what you’re doing incorrectly, and teach you the next step in a way that is helpful to you. The right instructions, communicated in a clear and concise way, at the right time can make a big difference. We understand that the more quickly a person improves, the more fun they have surfing.

Choose this option if you are looking to learn or are feeling stuck with any of the following skills:

  • How to catch a wave before it has broken (a green wave)

  • How to trim, turn, and weave down an unbroken face

  • Paddling techniques and how to get out back

  • Duck diving or turtle rolls

  • Basic manoeuvres

  • Using rips and currents

  • Correct take off and timing

  • Better pop up technique

  • Weight distribution

  • Reading the waves

You will also have the opportunity to try different types of surfing equipment, finding the surfboard size and style that is right for you.

Please contact us so that we can learn where you’re currently at with your surfing and what your goals are, so that we can match you with the right instructor and select a time with suitable surf conditions for you.

If You Have Any Questions About Our Surf Lessons