Woman’s Surf Lessons

Womans Learn To Surf Camp

Who: Mother, Daughters and Grandmothers
When: Unknown
Where: Main Beach, Mount Maunganui
Price: Unknown

Calling all mom’s, singles, professionals, locals, and newbies….it’s your turn! Thousands of adult women want to learn to surf these days and Hibiscus is here for you! Do your kids or partner surf? Or are you new to Mount Maunganui/Tauranga area? Our ladies surf courses could be the perfect opportunity for you to finally get into it. Or, just come along to one lesson to see if you enjoy it!

Of course, ladies are always welcome in any of our lessons. But our women’s specific surf lessons are extra fun. Last summer was our first year offering this program, and we had a great time. So this year we’re adding even more options! You can choose weekends, after work, or weekday lessons.

These lessons are specifically designed for women and taught by women. There is no pressure, just quality instruction and lots of fun. Plus, you’ll make new surfing buddies! We’ve even had mum’s learn to surf in secret, then go on to impress their kids with their new surfing skills!

Our goal is to teach you the basics of surfing, giving a strong foundation and plenty of confidence. We provide all the equipment for you. Once you learn to surf independently, we are happy give you the right advice (and special pricing) on purchasing surfing equipment.

If you have any questions please contact us.

If You Have Any Questions About Our Surf Lessons